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  Using pin-point Protein Labeling technology, ProteinExpress can synthesize proteins containing unnatural amino acids at any desired position. We can provide custom services from artificial gene synthesis to protein purification for pin-point Protein Labeling.

Flowchart of Custom Service of Protein Expression by pin-point labeling

[Contents of Service]
Synthesis of the Unnatural Aminoacyl-tRNA Requested unnatural aminoacyl-tRNA are synthesized
Preparation of Template  The expression template (plasmid or PCR product) is constructed after receiving the cDNA from customers.
 If the customer does not have the cDNA, it is possible to obtain the cDNA through our custom gene synthesis service.
Trial Expression Confirmation of protein expression (soluble or insoluble) by small scale (50 µL) is conducted
Optimization Conditions of protein expression (additive surfactants or chaperone) are optimized.
Scale-up The scale is adjusted to your desired scale.
Purification The target protein is purified.

Contents of the Service
Synthesis of unnatural aminoacyl-tRNA
  Synthesis of unnatural aminoacyl-tRNA
Preparation of the template
CS501 Linear template synthesis (Pin-point)
CS502 Plasmid Construction (Pin-point)
CS503 Plasmid preparation by large scale
Trial expression
CS504 Expression (Pin-point), 50µl
CS505 Expression (Pin-point), 1ml
CS506 Expression (Pin-point), 10ml
CS507 His column, 1mL (Pin-point)
CS508 His column, 5mL (Pin-point)
CS508 His Spin column

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2) Efficient Incorporation of Nonnatural Amino Acids with Large Aromatic Groups into Streptavidin in In Vitro Protein Synthesizing Systems
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