Pin-point Protein Labeling

  Our technology called "pin-point protein labeling" enables incorporation of an unnatural amino acid at a defined position of protein during E.coli cell-free translation. This incorporation is accomplished by using a synthetic aminoacylated tRNA that carries an unnatural amino acid. This tRNA contains an anticodon which recognizes the UAG stop codon or the CGGG four-base codon.
  For more information of our products or services related to this technology, please see under the contents.

            [Reagents for Pin-point Protein Labeling]
  The following reagents direct the site-directed incorporation of a fluorescence- or biotin-labeled amino acid. Click name for more information.
CloverDirect TM tRNA Reagent for Site-Directed Protein Labeling

            [Custom Service of Protein Expression by the Pin-point Labeling]
  We provide inclusive services needed for production of pin-point labeled proteins from construction of DNA template for in vitro translation to production/ purification of labeled proteins.
  You can select the unnatural amino acids and positions to incorporate, you can get the proteins you need.
Custom Services of Protein Expression by Pin-point Labeling

            [Custom Synthesis of Unnatural Aminoacyl-tRNA]
  You can get synthetic aminoacylated tRNAs that carry your interest unnatural amino acids. We can assist in synthesis of your original tRNA.
Custom Synthesis of Unnatural Aminoacyl-tRNA

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